Deluxe Render lives again!


I started Deluxe Render over 14 years ago, and stopped work on it 11 years ago.  It was written in C++ using DirectX, and heavily bound to Windows.

Now, in 2014, it has finally been resurrected.  It has produced another image after being stripped of all things Windows and DirectX (on a Surface Pro 3…)

The new front end is SDL 2.0, which I hear can work on Android phones.  Hmm.

Here’s the first image it rendered:


1 Sample per pixel.

Deluxe Render lives again! 1 sample per pixel.

Here’s the same render using 100 samples per pixel.

Still noisy after 100 samples.

100 samples per pixel.

It’s great to have this running again.  Updates to come.

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